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Fears we are born with

This is something that we have found most interesting recently. Fears are mostly learnt behaviours and this process can often start when mothering a babybump.

Your unborn child will be picking up on your responses to situations and of course, as there hearing develops those around you. This is known as innate learning and can become naturally inborn fears.
It seems there are only TWO fears we are born with:

  • The fear of LOUD NOISES - (We question how sound affects and impacts a growing baby, after all we can make judgement, see, hear and sense sound. A baby has little insight of this)
  • The fear of FALLING - (Giving birth is about gravity and often baby's can spend a long amount of time upside down, no wonder this is classed as a fear we are born with)

All other fears will be learnt patterns and no matter how long you have housed such fears, Indigo NLP and Birthing Link can support you to make the fast changes you require to move forward and change rapidly these old, unwanted behaviours. Although it would be wise to understand we must display a level of fear for survival reasons.

The same will apply to the way we respond to our emotions: these are learnt pattens. Indigo NLP and Birthing Link are able to positively create a turning point for all negative emotions so that you can be free from any Anger, Sadness, Fear, Anxiety, Hurt, Guilt or Shame. By changing the beliefs of any limited experiences will enable you to be more flexible and in control as you perform at your best.

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A warm and successful year of promise and passion

Suzi Buckley

Achievement Specialist

This link is from youtube and shows how a baby fearlessly response to a snake